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All Under One Roof

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Athletes train in the new Delta Sports Performance facility

Softball and baseball athletes know in order to be at the top of their game they must devote time to honing skills, not just during the season, but year round. Not only do they need training staff and equipment to help them reach their potential, they need a facility in which to train during the cold winter months. 


Dave Peltz started Delta Sports in 2014 as a training facility for athletes ages 12-18 to develop and improve their skills in the off season. They needed a place to work on hitting, fielding, and throwing and to engage in custom weight training, core work, and stretching. After leasing a facility for five years, Delta Sports Performance, LLC was formed in 2019, when Dave purchased a 6,000 square foot building in Glendale, WI, and took on two additional partners, Joel Sharon and DJ Peltz, Dave’s son. But by 2022, with as many as 135 athletes a week coming to train, the organization outgrew its home. It was then that the company turned to MEDC to help get funding to buy a 25,000 square foot building. 

Delta Sports Performance supports ten travel teams – three boys’ baseball teams and seven girls’ softball teams – that play mostly regional tournaments throughout the summer. Most athletes come from the north side of Milwaukee – as far north as Grafton and Port Washington. Some come from Waukesha and as far away as Madison and Gurnee, IL. DJ said, traditionally, athletes must travel all over for their training during the off season. “There’s weight lifting one place, team practice one place, and pitching and hitting practice at yet another location. We give them all those things under one roof.” Athletes try out and pay to be on a team, and once on a Delta Sports Performance team, all the services are included. They visit the facility two to three times a week for about two hours at a time.

"They grow as people as well as athletes."

The training helps the athletes not only play well in games but continue to improve, often with an eye toward college recruitment. “We guide athletes through the process of making themselves marketable to schools,” DJ said. The organization has connections with many college coaches in the Midwest and helps athletes write recruiting emails to get in touch with them.


Dave passed away in July of 2020, and his wife, Jennifer, joined the team. In addition to the three principals, Delta Sports Performance includes two hourly employees and, in summer, 14–17 or more coaches. Both DJ and Joel have an extensive baseball background. “When you are competitive, you expect success,” DJ said. “It is more rewarding to watch the kids put in work and have success than it is to have success on your own.” He cited the example of Cameron, a pitcher, who came to the organization in 2019 as a sophomore in high school to help keep her arm healthy and train to throw harder. When she started, she threw 56 mph. By the time she was a senior, she was throwing 68 mph, earning her a scholarship to University of North Dakota. “We put her in a spot to succeed, and she did all the work,” DJ said. 


But it is not just the stats that are important. DJ said through sports, athletes learn life lessons. “They learn personal reasoning and how to work as a team and grow as people as well as athletes. It gives them something to be proud of that carries over into other parts of their lives as well.”


Delta Sports Performance is located at 2920 W Vera Ave. in Glendale. To learn more about the organization and their services visit Delta Sports Performance.

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