The Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) serves Milwaukee and Waukesha area businesses by providing short term "gap" financing, typically at a below market interest rate.  Our approach is unique in that we share the risk with all participants in a project, lend in partnership with a bank, and lend funds at a higher risk level in order to increase the feasibility of a project.  Once the project is up and running, usually 2-5 years, MEDC funding is generally replaced by conventional financing. 

We can also refer you to many available resources in order to assist in financing your project.  

Our goal is to help you find the financial resources you need to grow, while facilitating business investment that will benefit Milwaukee and Waukesha through new employment opportunities, job retention, and neighborhood stabilization.
                                                                    757 N. Broadway, Suite 600
                                                                         Milwaukee, WI 53202

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