Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation

The Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) serves Milwaukee businesses by providing low-interest loans. Our approach is unique in that we share the risk with all participants in a project, lend in partnership with a bank, and lend funds at a higher risk level in order to increase the feasibility of a project.

We work closely with the City of Milwaukee and the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee (RACM), and are available to help every step of the way. We have many resources available to assist in financing your business and to deal with any environmental issues.

Our goal is to give you the financial resources you need to grow, while facilitating business investment that will benefit Milwaukee through new employment opportunities, job retention, and neighborhood stabilizationThe

Iron Block is a prominent downtown building that is a significant piece of Milwaukee history. With that in mind, Dental Associates took every step possible to return the Iron Block to its original stature and elegance. Working with their lender and MEDC, the company secured an attractive financing structure that allowed them to restore the Iron Block back to its glory.

Born in Milwaukee, with the first dental center located on 16th Street, Dental Associates is committed to remain a Milwaukee-based company. Dental Associates is Wisconsin’s largest family-owned dental group practice with 10 offices throughout the state and nearly 800 team members. Dental Associates provides complete family dental services, both general and specialty dentistry – from pediatric dentistry to specialized dental services for older adults – with a focus on excellent care that is affordable, accessible and personalized. The 50,000 square foot Italianate Renaissance Revival style building will be the corporate headquarters of Dental Associates. It will also house Dental Associates’ first-ever downtown Milwaukee dental center on multiple floors of the building.

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