Loan Programs

MEDC assists clients through three programs-- the Second Mortgage program, the Capital Access Program, and the M7 Capital Catalyst program.

The Second Mortgage program provides "gap" financing to businesses at below market interest rates in order to finance the purchase of a new building, the renovation of a current facility, or the purchase of new equipment.  This program is focused on geographic areas where a financing gap exists.  Eligible areas include: the City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, and Waukesha County.  

The Capital Access Program provides financing to start-ups and small businesses through a flexible loan-loss reserve that allows lenders to fund projects considered too risky for conventional lending.  This program is available to businesses across the state of Wisconsin.

M7 Venture Capital Fund program improves access to capital for early stage businesses. The Venture Capital program provides loans to early stage firms in partnership with an equity investment.  This program is available to businesses located throughout the Milwaukee 7 region (Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha, and Walworth counties). 

MEDC also utilizes the SBA's loan guarantee program to provide financing of up to $250,000 to businesses through the SBA 7(a) Community Advantage. Businesses can secure a loan guarantee of up to 85% of loan. 
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